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Email Prospecting, Email Newsletters, Sequences, AI & More.

Bulk Email, Automated Sequences, AI Marketing & More

We Make Work Disappear.

Need someone to sign a waiver, pay, and schedule an appointment all in 1 flow?

We’ve got you. 

Draw on an eDoc. Make an Electronic Petition. Build a Drop Servicing empire. Automate your entire HR recruiting e-Paperwork. Setup live-data eDoc reporting dashboards.

We get excited by making “boring work” completely disappear by using automation.

The Smartest Business Phone System

Press 1 for...

Simple, Powerful Phone Tree Call Routing

AI Powered

Smarter call handling, no humans required

Pay By Phone

Take Payments via Phone with CRM Integration

Sell Smarter

Marketing Campaign Tracking Features


AI schedule-by-phone, using your rules.

SMS & More

Full SMS Marketing, Autoresponders, AI

The Best Email Software for Companies that sell Services

Swift Email Executive Summary

We specialize in service based small businesses. SwiftCloud can help you get documents signed, go paperless even with complex forms or PDFs, get paid and collect money, schedule appointments, and automate your small business. Key systems include the best electronic signature & eDocs, social network CRM, Invoicing, Scheduling on a single integrated platform.

Upgrade Your Business with SwiftCloud


Optionally connect an API Software Bridge or Import to integrate existing tools.

Branded To You

Make SwiftCloud your own. Your logo, your colors, your domain, and even a private server.

Works Anywhere

Works 24/7/365 securely on phone, web, tablet, kiosk, sign-pad. Even works offline.

Marketing Automation

NEW Group Email, soon SMS. Setup Drip Sequences or Appointment Confirmations, “Bloodhound” Ad Tracking, Automate your reputation with Customer Reviews & Refer-a-Friend + viral social media URLs. Mini Websites, Landing Pages, Video Email & more.

Calendar & Scheduler

Add an e-Secretary to schedule sales appointments, or automate scheduling of any asset. Setup ticketed events like classes or rentals. Increase sales with a better call to action. Automate reminders before events, and auto-follow up after any event.

It's All About YOU.

We’re growing fast but still small enough you’ll get a real human on the phone. For service providers, we aim to be the absolute best and keep helping your business succeed. Try us! Let's see how quickly we can solve whatever brought you here today.

We’re hard at work on making something awesome.

Want us to let you know when space opens up on private beta?

You'll ❤️ it!

We’re working on a voice assistant for you.

Phone is just the start.

You Deserve an Assistant.
How can we help your business grow?

Common Questions about Swift Email


We’ll do basic setup for free to get you going, and complex setup is available from our Professional Services division.

If it’s simple, we’ll set it up risk-free as a demo for you. If it’s complex, we may set up just a small portion to give you a personalized demo, along with some other relevant case studies / existing other projects.

Bottom line: We focus on outcomes – let’s talk about whatever you need to make happen.

Yes! In almost all cases we have APIs (software to connect other software).

We have APIs inbound and outbound, import and export options, and are compatible with “Software Bridge Systems” like Zapier and a dozen others, at least one of which is open source.

We also “play nice” with WordPress, and have over a dozen plugins we’ve written, having worked on over 200 wordpress sites ourselves.

Yes – as we move toward metered pricing, we aim to align pricing to value.

Most clients start small, then start to migrate more systems over, preferring 1 system that does it all, instead of gluing various programs together.

Think of us as 70% software company, 30% agency, and 100% focused on real-world-results.

The truth is some projects are too complex for clients to setup on their own, so we’ll dive in and get it configured correctly. Furthermore, we often get requests from clients for something that is almost but not quite a fit for what we’re already doing, so we may be able to create semi-custom software for you, or a unique configuration.

We’re growing nicely, but rather than try to get big, we’re first focused on great real-world results – so you’ll actually get a real human on the phone if needed.

Technically: SwiftCloud is a social network with various products layered on top of it and integrated into it, most notably our eDocs / eSign systems, but we actually started in CRM.

We don’t know yet. What’s fair?

Seriously. Let us know. We’re just solving problems for now, figuring the rest out as we go.

We do know we want simple, predictable, transparent, and it’ll be competitive.

More important: how many hours will you save? What’s your time worth per hour?

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